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If You Forgot To Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced This Spring, Wait No More

If You Forgot To Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced This Spring, Wait No More

If You Forgot To Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced This Spring, Wait No More

With warm weather finally here and plans for outdoor activities being made, it’s easy to forget about some of the less exciting chores that aren’t as obvious. One of these may be annual preventive maintenance for your air conditioner; not a topic of everyday conversation, but a subject that is extremely important to your home comfort throughout the spring and summer. If you forgot to schedule springtime maintenance for your air conditioner, it’s not too late to contact your local trusted HVAC service center for a seasonal tune-up that will keep your cooling system running efficiently.Professional HVAC technicians will perform maintenance tasks such as:

  • Filling refrigerant to required levels and check for leaks

  • Inspecting and sealing ducts to prevent air and energy leaks

  • Cleaning and servicing electrical connections

  • Lubricating fans, motors and moving parts

  • Checking belts for tightness and condition

  • Checking and adjusting the thermostat

Regular maintenance allows your HVAC pro to find any problems that need to be fixed before they can cause system breakdowns or other problems. You’ll be able to rely on your air conditioner to work when you need it and not fail when seasonal cooling demands increase and put additional stress on the system. A well-maintained system needs fewer major repairs, which saves you money.Regular maintenance also improves cooling system efficiency: Regular tune-ups can keep an air conditioner operating at up to 95 percent efficiency even as it gets older.Some types of maintenance you can do yourself, such as general cleaning on the air conditioner unit, vents and registers. Changing the unit’s filter is also a simple task. Regular filter changes help your air conditioner run more efficiently and reliably and decrease the possibility of breakdowns.Contact Air Assurance today for more information on how preventive maintenance and service can keep your air conditioner working at its best or to schedule a professional tune-up. We’ve been serving the Tulsa and Broken Arrow areas for more than 30 years.Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  Air Assurance services Tulsa, Broken Arrow and the surrounding areas. Visit our websiteto see our current promotionsand get started today!     AC repair man image via Shutterstock