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Ductless Mini Splits Offer 5 Worthwhile Benefits For Broken Arrow Area Homeowners


Ductless mini splits are the result of technological advancements in heating and cooling that allow homeowners to deliver conditioned air into nearly any space. Long used in other countries like Japan and Europe, ductless mini splits are gaining ground in the U.S. for good reason. Learn their  advantages, and then give mini splits a second look when upgrading.

  • Easy installation – Ductless systems deliver conditioned air into the home with individual air handlers installed in each room, instead of relying on ducts. Therefore, mini splits can go where ductwork can’t. One outdoor condenser connects to four indoor air handlers, which can be installed high up on walls or tucked into dropped ceilings. Floor-standing models are also available.

  • Efficiency Ductless mini splits score high in efficiency, with Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings that are competitive with central air conditioning. Further, mini splits often reach higher operational efficiencies, because they aren’t subject to the energy losses from ductwork.

  • Two-in-one – Purchase a ductless mini split heat pump, and you’ll get a two-in-one system that provides both heating and cooling. Heat pumps source heat in the air, and then move it into the home, and they provide efficient cooling in the summer, and heating in winter when temperatures are above freezing.

  • Zoning – With individual air handlers installed in the rooms, you can control the output of each one separately. As a result, ductless mini splits are a type of zoning system, allowing you to keep the heating on in one space, while turning off the heating in unused spaces.

  • Comfort – Often, home design leads to differing heating and cooling loads in various rooms of the home. For optimal comfort, some rooms require more conditioned air than others, and ductless systems allow you to control how much conditioned air each room receives. This is an advantage when installed, for instance, on the second floor, where rooms require less heating and more cooling than the first floor to stay comfortable.

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