Ductless Mini Splits: Options to Enhance Your Comfort and Convenience

Ductless Mini Splits: Options to Enhance Your Comfort and Convenience

Ductless mini splits deliver comfortable heating and cooling solutions with convenient installation options for a host of applications. If you’re looking for practical alternatives for your remodel, new addition or new energy-efficient home, explore the many benefits of going ductless.

Ductless Mini Split ConfigurationsDuctless mini splits are compact air-source heat pumps and cooling-specific systems that utilize a thin conduit to connect the outdoor unit to the indoor air-handlers for convenient and efficient conditioning without the ducts. Ductless systems are available in the following configurations.

  • Single-zoned (the mini): Classic ductless mini splits provide heating and cooling for a single room or zone.

  • Multi-zoned: Two or more air-handlers heat and cool multiple rooms.

  • Flex-zoned (mini-duct): This configuration uses a small duct run to provide heating and cooling to two or more zones from one air-handler.

  • Modular: A modular system consists of several air-handlers connected to two or more outdoor units. This configuration is ideal for commercial and whole-home conditioning.

Installation Options

The flexible conduit is concealed within walls, crawl space and/or the attic for better aesthetics, and for easily connecting the outdoor unit and indoor air-handlers. The outdoor unit(s) may be strategically located, too, for aesthetics and convenience. The air-handlers offer multiple installation options inside the home in the following installs.

  • High wall: Located high on walls out of foot traffic, this installation is perhaps the simplest and most popular among homeowners.

  • Universal (floor, low wall or ceiling): Mounting is also available for low wall with clearance for a vacuum cleaner, floor console and ceiling mounted (floor and ceiling mounted options should include airflow enhancements that increase comfort and efficiency depending on heating and cooling cycles).

  • Ceiling cassette: This option is aesthetically pleasing. Only the supply outlet is visible, as the air-handler is hung flush in a drop ceiling, or concealed in attic space.

  • Slim duct: The slim duct is concealed within a ceiling, wall or floor. It uses a slim duct run with a supply outlet and return grille installed flush.

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