Air Leaks

Tips on Stopping Air Leaks in Your Home

Tips on Stopping Air Leaks in Your Home

Tips on Stopping Air Leaks in Your Home

Your Broken Arrow home may be plagued with air leaks, which can lead to a wide array of unpleasant problems. Poor indoor air quality, reduced home comfort, and increase in energy bills are just a few of the troubles that air leaks can cause. Fortunately, the following tips on stopping air leaks can increase your home’s energy efficiency, improve your indoor air and save you money on your heating and cooling costs.

Locating Air Leaks

Before you can stop the air leaks, you must first find them. Homes typically have leaks near windows, doors, floors, ductwork, baseboards, fireplaces, walls, outlets, rim and floor joints, ceilings, switch plates and the home’s foundation. Air leaks can also occur near pipes and vents that exit through basements and attics.

Stopping Air Leaks

Depending on where the air leak is located, it may only require a simple fix. For example, leaks around doors and windows can usually be fixed by installing inexpensive weather stripping available at hardware stores and home improvement centers. Expanding foam can fill in small holes and cracks in your foundation.

Homes with forced air heating and cooling often experience leaks due to damaged ductwork. If the problem area is located at an easy-to-reach location, you may be able to fix the problem with duct sealant. For areas that you cannot get to, such as behind walls and under floors, you will need the help of a professional to repair the damaged.

Energy Audit

Obtaining a whole-house energy audit from a respectable HVAC company is the first step in ensuring your home is running at maximum energy efficiency. During the audit, a highly trained technician will use the latest equipment to test your home’s efficient level. These tests will determine exactly where you are wasting energy and provide you with the information to go about stopping air leaks.

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