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The Annual A/C Inspection: Why You Shouldn't Skip It

HVAC industry experts recommend that air conditioning systems be inspected by a professional prior to Oklahoma’s hot summer weather. While there are some tasks a homeowner can take care of, the A/C inspection includes tasks only a professional is qualified to complete. Providing proper annual maintenance before the air conditioning is actually needed ensures the system will operate properly during the hottest weather. Skipping annual maintenance, on the other hand, puts the air conditioning system at risk for failure when you need it most.

The Annual A/C Inspection: Why You Shouldn't Skip It

The Annual A/C Inspection: Why You Shouldn't Skip It

The best time to schedule an annual inspection is while the weather is still cool, as once hot weather settles in scheduling service can be more difficult. The A/C inspection is your best protection against damage to the system from improperly functioning components. Your A/C technician checks the operation of all components, allowing minor problems to be resolved before they evolve into major repair issues.

Proper maintenance, beginning with the annual A/C inspection, saves money throughout the cooling season. First, it ensures the system is operating properly before the hot weather begins. Second, maintenance minimizes the odds of an A/C system failure during the hot weather, eliminating unnecessary emergency service calls. Third, proper service can significantly reduce the daily cost of operating your air conditioning. The Department of Energy reports that simply cleaning or replacing filters can reduce energy use by up to 15 percent. Industry figures suggest that correcting a refrigerant charge saves much more. An extended HVAC service plan can help greatly with controlling costs and minimizing emergency service calls.

To prepare for Oklahoma’s hottest months, contact Air Assurance for a complete A/C inspection. Our qualified technicians will carefully prepare your air conditioning system and provide advice on how to best minimize your air conditioning expenses during our hottest months.

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