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4 Steps to Expect During a Professional A/C Installation

4 Steps to Expect During a Professional A/C Installation

When you invest in a new air conditioner, it's important to understand the crucial role a quality installation plays in equipment performance, energy efficiency and longevity. To protect your investment and ensure your comfort, make sure the contractor you hire follows these four steps during your A/C installation.

Equipment Sizing

An experienced HVAC contractor will do a detailed load calculation based on Manual J to accurately size the A/C. If this isn't done and the equipment doesn't have enough capacity, it simply can't cool your home sufficiently. If too large an A/C is installed, it will cycle on and off without adequately cooling and dehumidifying the space. Not only does this affect your comfort, it can also lead to excess moisture problems and mold growth.

Ducting Condition

Before your new equipment is installed, a knowledgeable professional performs a duct system inspection. He'll check the air balance to uncover sizing issues, repair any damaged or disconnected sections, then seal the ducts with mastic and wrap them with R-6 insulation. This is vital, because ductwork deficiencies can not only rob you of up to 30 percent of your new A/C's cooling output, they can also compromise your health and safety by allowing combustion fumes and other contaminants into your air supply.

Airflow Rate

Every manufacturer sets an acceptable range of airflow rates for their equipment. Once your A/C is in place, the installer will check whether the rate of flow across the cooling coil is within that range and make any necessary adjustments. If this isn't done, the equipment can't operate at maximum efficiency or cool your home properly.

Refrigerant Charge

A critical step in a professional A/C installation is charging the system with the amount of refrigerant recommended by the manufacturer. If your system is allowed to operate with too high or too low a refrigerant charge, you'll lose out on key benefits, like energy savings, enhanced comfort and many long years of reliable service life.

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