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Lower Your Energy Bill by Lowering Your Water Heater Temperature

Lower Your Energy Bill by Lowering Your Water Heater Temperature

In today's world, saving even a few dollars a month is important, and so is being "green" in your home. You may not have realized this, but lowering your water heater temperature, even by just 10 degrees, can make a positive impact on your energy bill as well as the environment.On most traditional water heaters, the water is warmed using gas or electricity, then stored in a tank and maintained at the temperature that you have set. The amount of electricity or gas needed to keep this temperature constant is higher when the temperature is increased.

What is it Set for Currently?

Your water heater temperature is typically set at about 140 degrees when it comes from the manufacturer. This high temperature is not only unnecessary for most households, but it can be downright dangerous. When the temperature is set this high, turning on only the hot water with a faucet can scald skin, especially for children and the elderly.

A temperature of 120 degrees is recommended for most households, though 130 degrees can be used for those that have dishwashers that aren't capable of heating their own water.

How Do I Change it?

Thankfully, turning the water heater temperature down isn't difficult, and is something that most people are able to do on their own. Just follow these simple steps.

For gas heaters, locate the control dial somewhere on the outside of the unit. On electric heaters, there may be two dials - one at the top and another at the bottom, which need to be turned separately, but evenly. If there are no temperature indications on the dials, then turn the knobs a little at a time, wait about two hours, and test the water from the tap nearest the water heater by pouring it into a cup and checking the temperature with a thermometer.

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