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Things to Avoid When Buying a New Air Conditioner

Things to Avoid When Buying a New Air Conditioner

When buying a new air conditioner, you obviously need to focus on buying a dependable model that won't blow your cooling bills sky high. But other considerations are important, too, including a number of things to avoid when buying a new A/C. Save a lot of time and trouble by following these tips:

Don't allow the A/C contractor to talk you into a certain capacity model without considering the unique factors of your home. A professional air conditioning installer should insist on conducting a cooling load calculation on your home. This involves taking into consideration a range of factors including your home's size and layout, amount of window coverage, energy efficiency (level of air sealing and insulation), building materials, orientation to the afternoon sun, and more. Only when they determine your home's cooling load can they recommend the right-sized A/C.

Don't accept an estimate for a new air conditioner over the phone. The contractor should insist on inspecting your home, and learning about your energy habits, past cooling bills, and other factors that may affect what sort of central A/C is right for your home.

Avoid choosing the cheapest A/C available. While the upfront cost may be affordable, you'll likely be plagued with higher monthly bills years into the future, as well as poor performance and more frequent repair bills. The A/C's service life probably will be shorter than it would have been with a better model. In areas with hot summers, it pays to invest in a higher-efficiency A/C that will provide more cooling at a lower price.

Don't forget about available rebates that might be available from the manufacturer, electric utility or HVAC contractor for purchasing a higher-efficiency air conditioner. Some years the federal government offers tax credits for high-efficiency A/Cs.

Likewise, don't neglect to consider purchasing a maintenance contract that will assure annual professional maintenance for your new air conditioner. A well-maintained A/C will deliver better cooling at a lower price for a longer period of time.

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