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Turning on Your Air Conditioner: Steps to Take First

Turning on Your Air Conditioner: Steps to Take First

With temperatures getting warmer, it will soon be time for turning on your air conditioner. Before you do so, though, there are certain steps you should take to make sure that it’s ready. Use the following steps to prepare your air conditioner for the summer months, so that your Broken Arrow home can stay as cool as possible.

Replace the Air Filter

The air filter inside your HVAC system has a direct impact on the quality of your indoor air. It also affects how efficiently your HVAC system works. If your system has a dirty filter, it will have to run for longer periods of time and work much harder to cool your home, which increases the risk of repairs. Take time to change the air filter in your HVAC system before turning on your air conditioner for the season. Having a clean air filter helps your cooling system work as efficiently as possible.

Clean Around the Outdoor Unit

If weeds or other debris and vegetation are around your outdoor unit, they can block air from flowing out of it. This leads to excessive wear and tear on your HVAC system, which shortens its lifespan. Make sure that your outdoor unit has a clear space of about a couple of feet around it on all sides.

Check Your Thermostat

Before you use your air conditioner for the season, check the settings on your thermostat. It should be set to “auto” rather than “on,” and you should adjust the temperature as needed. Having the fan turned to “on” means that your system will run constantly. Having it on “auto” means that it will run when it needs to in order to cool your home.

Set Up Routine Maintenance

Schedule preventative maintenance for your HVAC system before you cool your home. This maintenance helps ensure that your air conditioner is in good working condition for the season.If you need maintenance for your air conditioner before you use it, please contact Air Assurance for help. We offer dependable HVAC services for homeowners in the Broken Arrow area.

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