Are Snow Melt Systems Right for Your Home?

Are Snow Melt Systems Right for Your Home?

When snow falls in Broken Arrow, it means you have to get out your shovel to clear off your driveway and other outdoor areas. While shoveling snow is good exercise, it’s also exhausting and even dangerous for some individuals. With snow melt systems, you don’t have to worry about clearing your driveway to make it safer for your loved ones and your car.

How Snow Melt Systems Work

These systems provide a convenient way to keep driveways, patios, and other outdoor areas free of snow and ice by serving as an outdoor heating system. Some systems use electricity to accomplish this, while others use a combination of hot water and antifreeze circulating through a series of tubes and pipes. Snow melt systems sometimes have manual controls that homeowners can turn on and off when needed. Other systems have sensors installed to detect the presence of snow on the surface. When there is enough snow, these systems turn on automatically.

Benefits of a Snow Melt System

A snow melt system offers convenience for you as a homeowner. With one of these systems installed, you won’t need to spend time shoveling snow from your driveway. This is highly beneficial if you have health conditions that make it difficult or dangerous for you to shovel snow. These systems also help keep your driveway safer to drive or walk on by clearing away snow and ice. This helps lower the risk of personal injuries from falling and damage to your car if you slide.

HVAC and Energy Bills

Your snow melt system doesn’t use the same source of heat as your HVAC system, but it can be integrated with it. Keep in mind that running a snow melt system leads to increased energy usage. You can make up for this by lowering your home’s heating bills through routine HVAC maintenance for improved energy efficiency and replacing air filters regularly.If you need more information on snow melt systems, please contact Air Assurance. Keep in mind that our company can also provide your Broken Arrow home with HVAC maintenance and other services this winter.

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