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4 A/C Repairs You Might Need in Spring

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Spring has sprung! That means maintenance time for your A/C.

It's important to keep your system in top condition, so it can make your home comfortable without wasting energy. In addition to the basic tuneup, there are a number of things that can go wrong with your HVAC system and need to be addressed.

Here are four A/C repairs you may need this season:

Component replacement.

There's a plethora of essential components in your A/C, and when they wear out, they can stop your system from working efficiently, or at all. Waiting until they break down can leave you without air in the middle of summer. Best to replace them as soon as you see a potential problem.

Fan belt.

The fan belt helps keep your A/C's motor running. They wear out over time, and if they break, the whole system can stop running. Therefore, they need to be replaced periodically, when they start showing wear and tear.


There are a number of different kinds of electrical issues that require A/C repairs. Wires wear out over time, becoming frayed or severed. If you're having to reset the circuit breaker multiple times throughout the season, there's likely something wrong with your electrical system. Electrical problems can also arise if your A/C is too big for your home. It cycles on and off frequently, wasting energy and wearing the entire system out more quickly. In that case, it's a better option simply to replace the entire unit.

Refrigerant and Condensate Line.

The refrigerant line carries the Freon that cools the air. The condensate line dispenses with the water that forms as a result of the cooling process. If the refrigerant line starts leaking, your system can't cool effectively, and can become overworked. If the condensate line gets clogged, you can end up with water backed up in your system, and even leaking into your home. Repairs to either must be made as soon as a problem is discovered.

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