Energy Savings

Energy Savings to Cash In On This Spring

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Tax time can take a heavy emotional and financial toll on you, leaving you hurting for cash. The good news is that efficient management of your HVAC system, which accounts for nearly half of your household's energy use, can save you a significant amount of money during the spring and summer months. Use the tips below for maximum energy savings.

Place the Thermostat Correctly

Place your thermostat away from TV sets and light fixtures. That's because it will sense the heat from these appliances and could make your air conditioning system run longer unnecessarily. A professional can help you choose the best location for your thermostat.

Lower Your Water Heating Temperature

With the arrival of the warmer temperatures, there's no need for you to use very hot water. Turn down your water heater temperature to 120 degrees. This alone can help you save significantly on your monthly energy bill.

Clear Away Obstructions around Your Outdoor System

The vegetation around your exterior A/C unit or heat pump shouldn't grow to within two feet of the system. It will give the condenser a difficult time as it draws in the air it needs to control your home's temperature. Make sure glass clippings and plants are a couple of feet away from your unit.

Check Vents and Registers

Closing vents to control your comfort will end up downgrading HVAC performance and increasing your utility bills. Make sure all your home's registers and vents are open.

Replace Dirty Filters

A dirty air filter restricts airflow and increases the energy that your HVAC unit uses to deliver air to your rooms. Change your filters regularly.

Have Your Air Conditioner Maintained

Allow a trusted HVAC contractor to perform maintenance on your cooling equipment. This will make it run at peak performance and efficiency and lessen the risk of a costly breakdown in the summer.

When you achieve big energy savings, you'll have some extra bucks to splurge on your summer vacation. If you need reliable HVAC maintenance services that will help maximize your energy savings in the Broken Arrow area, contact the experts at Air Assurance.