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Tips for Tackling Your Ductless Maintenance

Tips for Tackling Your Ductless Maintenance

Ductless systems are attractive to homeowners for many reasons. Some may appreciate the versatile installation options when no other option seemed practical. Zoned point-of-use operation and high efficiency components are certainly favorites when energy bills arrive. Low-profile components won't disturb those who enjoy peace and quiet. Whichever aspect of your ductless system you enjoy most, make the most of your system with regular ductless maintenance.

Tackling Ductless Maintenance

Like their larger central system cousins, ductless systems use the same components to provide efficient cooling and heating. They're just packaged differently -- more compact and accessible than central units. Stay on top of the following maintenance tips and enjoy better comfort and lower energy bills this summer:

  • Air filtration - It's important to keep the air filtration parts clean. The filters capture dust, germs and other contaminants to enhance indoor air quality and protect the evaporator coil and fan motor. Wash the filters by hand and let them air dry before you re-install them.

  • Coil cleaning - The evaporator coil is where heat exchange takes place. To access the coil, remove the air handling cabinet. Inspect the coil for mold development and dirt. Use a disinfectant foaming coil cleaner to clean the coil. Follow instructions thoroughly, as some foam sprays will drip away on their own and others you'll need to use a soft cloth to remove.

  • Drainage - The condensate pan is where condensation collects and is drained from your unit. Check the pan for signs of mold and algae. If you see any, pour a cup of 50/50 bleach and water solution into the pan.

  • Compressor/condenser unit - The unit located outside the home contains the compressor and condenser coil. These components need to be rinsed off each month you use your ductless system. A dirty condenser coil degrades cooling and heating efficiency, and a dirty compressor can overheat. Make sure the power is turned off for safety when you spray the unit with a garden hose.

For more information about ductless maintenance in your Broken Arrow home, please contact the experts at Air Assurance for the answers.

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