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Don't Just Let the Water Run -- Tips for Saving H2O

Clean, safe water is a finite resource, as many in the Tulsa area know all too well, and with the recent droughts it has become even more important to conserve water. By following these easy tips for saving H2O in your home, you can not only help maximize the community's water supply, but you can also save some money on your water bill:

Don't Just Let the Water Run -- Tips for Saving H2O
  • Repair Leaks: Even minor leaks can add up to a lot of water over a period of time, and they should be repaired immediately. Inspect your supply lines yearly for evidence of leaks such as water stains, mold growth or corrosion, especially around sections that have been repaired in the past. Repair or replace any dripping faucets and inspect the supply lines for washers, toilets and sinks for drips. If you have a sprinkler system, have it inspected if you notice pooling water on your lawn.

  • Replace Shower Heads: Older shower heads can use well over five gallons of water per minute. New water-efficient versions can reduce that amount by at least half, saving H20 while still providing a comfortable shower.

  • Install New Aerators: An aerator is the screw-on assembly at the end of the faucet, through which the water exits. Aerators help control the water flow and older models can allow well over two gallons per minute to escape the faucet. New ones can reduce this to under a gallon per minute. Another easy step towards saving H2O is to not let the faucet needlessly run while you are brushing your teeth, shaving or rinsing dishes.

  • Upgrade Appliances: When your dishwasher or clothes washer are ready to be replaced, look for water-saving models. High-efficiency clothes washers, for example, can reduce water usage from 50 gallons to less than 25 per load.

  • Replace the Toilet: Older toilets can use from five to seven gallons every time they are flushed, while new ones can use 1.6 gallons or less.

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