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Don't Let a Noisy A/C Get You Down

A noisy air conditioner can easily lead to a lot of sleepless nights – and quite a few irritating days, as well. Noise is a major reason why many Broken Arrow residents become dissatisfied with their A/C units, especially as the years go by. A noisy A/C can not only rob you of your own personal comfort, but it can also signal hidden problems that could easily lead to failure if not properly diagnosed and fixed soon.

Don't Let a Noisy A/C Get You Down

What Can Cause a Noisy A/C?

There are a number of reasons why the silent partner in keeping your home cool suddenly makes itself heard. If you’ve recently heard humming noises or loud vibrations, the following may be involved:

  • Dust and debris that accumulates on or around the fan blades over time

  • Fan motor components that work themselves loose during operation

  • Misaligned blades – even the slightest bend can cause a lot of noise

  • Fan imbalance due to fan motor bearing wear

  • Clogged or bent A/C coil fins

  • Lack of fan motor lubrication

  • Improper installation

Ways to Fix It

If you don’t want to call on the pros just yet, there are a few ways you can do yourself to help restore peace and relative quiet to your A/C:

  • Remove any debris you see on or around the fan.

  • Check the fan blades to make sure they’re not loose. If possible, tighten the screws holding the fan in place at the hub.

  • Visually inspect the fan blades to ensure they’re not bent or broken.

  • Carefully and gently clean the coil fins with a vacuum cleaner fitted with a brush attachment.

For more in-depth fixes like fan motor lubrication and straightening out coil fins, you’ll definitely want the skill and expertise of a trained professional on hand. In case you need an upgrade to an energy-efficient A/C, a professional can also help you choose the one that works best for your home comfort needs.

Put an end to your noisy A/C troubles and contact the professionals at Air Assurance. Since 1985, we’ve helped countless Broken Arrow residents resolve their heating and cooling issues.

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