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Replacing the A/C: Questions You Should Be Asking

Replacing the A/C: Questions You Should Be Asking

If your old HVAC system has been experiencing breakdowns recently, hasn't been cooling as well, or was purchased more than ten years ago, it's probably time to think about replacing the A/C.A/C's that are older than ten years take significantly more energy to run for the same-- or in some cases, even less-- cooling benefit than current models. Ten years is also about the service life on a standard compressor, and so units that are older than ten years are more likely to start having problems, and A/C repair bills can quickly add up.If I'm replacing the A/C, do I have to replace the whole HVAC system?  It is best to replace all of the equipment at the same time. Otherwise, you can end up with ductwork that is too small to carry the full cooling capacity of your new unit to the living spaces of your house, or insufficient air handlers on the indoor unit. Mix and match systems are also more prone to energy loss and maintenance issues, which defeats some of the financial benefit of getting an energy-efficient system.How do I know if I've picked the right size A/C for my house?  This is a great question. If the system is too big, you'll be using more energy than necessary, but if it's too small, it'll have a hard time keeping up with your cooling needs. The best way to know if you're looking at the right size HVAC system for your house is to have a trained technician come in and do a detailed cooling load report on your home.There are so many systems on the market. Which type should I get? What type of cooling system is best largely depends on your circumstances and preferences, but here are some guidelines:

  • A higher SEER rating will give more energy efficient operation

  • A two-stage cooling system will remove more humidity

  • A heat pump can provide year round heating and cooling

For more advice on replacing the A/C with the best results, contact Air Assurance, serving the greater Tulsa Metropolitan area since 1985.Our goal is to help educate our customers in the Tulsa and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma area about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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