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Could a Zoning System Save Energy in Your Home?

Could a Zoning System Save Energy in Your Home?

If you're using just one thermostat to regulate temperatures in your Oklahoma home, you're likely losing energy. Your house also isn't as comfortable throughout its interior as it would be with a zoning system. This is particularly the case with larger homes or those with more than one level.

How Does a Zoning System Work?

First, the house is divided into separate climate zones. This might be as simple as creating a separate zone for each floor of the house. This is usually a good plan, since upper floors tend to heat quicker than the main floor or a finished basement. For example, in the summer, while the basement family room is cool and comfortable, the bedrooms upstairs will likely need extra cooling due to heat rising. On the other hand, in the winter, the finished basement will need more heat than elsewhere in the house, while upper floors will warm up relatively easily. Other good reasons for separate zones include rooms with lots of windows or southern exposure, or rooms added onto a house. It's virtually impossible to effectively heat and cool all parts of a larger or multi-story house with just one thermostat.After the zones are established, a programmable thermostat and controllable duct dampers are installed in each zone, so that if one zone requires heating or cooling, the HVAC system will direct conditioning to that zone without affecting the heating or cooling in any other zone.

Benefits of a Zoning System

You'll save energy with a zoning system, since it guarantees that only parts of the house that need conditioning will receive it. In a single-thermostat house, the whole house receives cooled or heated air, regardless of whether all rooms need it.Comfort and convenience also will be served, since a family member in one room can set the temperature to his or her preference without affecting the temperature in other rooms, where a family member there might have different ideas about comfort.

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