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Buy the Whole System, Not Just the Unit

Buy the Whole System, Not Just the Unit

When an HVAC system needs replacement due to a breakdown, it's usually due to the failure of just one of the two main components. If you're faced with buying an HVAC system and one of the units is still functional, it may seem logical to save some money by replacing just half of the system. Investing in a whole system is a wiser choice for a number of reasons.

Better Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency ratings on new equipment are based on a complete system with matching components. Mismatched indoor and outdoor units may run, but you'll lose out on the enhanced efficiency and energy savings you'd get by upgrading the whole system.

Increased Reliability

Pairing a new, efficient component with an older unit puts added strain on the existing equipment and increases the likelihood of a sudden breakdown or failure, especially when it's under the heaviest workload at the peak of the cooling season. If you opt for an entirely new HVAC system, you can expect reliable service for the next 10 to 15 years.

Operating Cost Savings

The efficiency and reliability you gain with a complete new system can translate into savings on energy, repairs and maintenance over that long service life. If you replace just the failed component, you're not only losing potential energy savings, but you'll also still face the cost and inconvenience of replacing the other component when it fails in the near future.

Beneficial Features

By investing in a whole new system, you can benefit from the latest advancements in HVAC technology and design. Today's HVAC systems offer features like variable-speed air handlers, scroll compressors, better coil designs and thermal expansion valves that enhance energy efficiency, durability, comfort and humidity control.

New Equipment Warranty

If you replace just half of a central split system, it's impossible to install it to meet the manufacturer's specifications, so you'll end up without a warranty that protects you against equipment defects.

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