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Do You Need Climate Control in Your Garage?

Do You Need Climate Control in Your Garage?

It’s possible to make your garage usable year-round by installing climate control equipment for winter heating and summer cooling. Plenty of workable options are available that provide the comfort you want in the garage, whether it’s a hobby space or you use it as additional livable space.


Ductless mini split heat pump.

This system tops the list because it provides both heating and cooling in one easy to maintain, affordable and energy efficient appliance. Unless the weather is exceptionally cold, a heat pump provides adequate warmth in the winter. Ductless systems are similar to central HVAC systems except they blow the air directly from an air handler and don’t need ductwork.

Electric heaters.

Whether they’re space or baseboard heaters, these kinds are better at spot heating than overall garage heating since they’re the most expensive kinds to use on an ongoing basis.

Vented gas heaters.

A gas heater that hangs from the ceiling and vents to the outdoors will provide comfortable heat for cool-season use. Your HVAC contractor will securely hang it and extend a gas line to the heater. Unvented heaters are available, as well, but aren’t considered completely safe. If you do use such a system for climate control, keep a window or door slightly open to pull in fresh air and don’t use it more than a few hours at a time.

Cooling Systems

If you opt for a ductless heat pump, you will have a high-efficiency cooling system. These appliances are also available as air conditioners that provide cooling only.

Portable, window and wall air conditioners will also provide cooled air for the garage. The size you need depends on the cubic footage in the garage and its insulation levels, along with the amount of air infiltration. These re the same factors that will impact the size of heating system you need as well.

Adding climate control equipment to the garage helps you enjoy your time with hobbies, lucrative work, or in an alternative living space. To learn more about any of these systems, contact Air Assurance, providing HVAC services for Broken Arrow homeowners.

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