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Benefits of Summer Drain Cleaning

Benefits of Summer Drain Cleaning

Your home's plumbing system likely gets a lot more use in the summertime, so clean drains are crucial to ensure that everything stays working properly. Having the drains professionally cleaned can give you the assurance that there's no cause for concern about plumbing clogs, blockages and backups. Drain cleaning also offers these additional benefits:

Keeping Your Home Smelling Fresh

Built up grease, deteriorating food particles, hair and soap scum in the drains can send unpleasant odors throughout the house. In the heat of summer, you can expect everything trapped in the drains to smell even worse.

Preventing Costly Water Damage

If your drains get completely blocked, they can back up and overflow and cause considerable damage to your floors. If the backup occurs in a second-story bathroom, it can also saturate the ceilings and/or walls in the rooms down below. When the drains are cleaned out, you won't have a mess to clean up, or face the cost of repairing water damage.

Avoiding Potential Health Problems

Accumulated debris in the drain lines also creates an environment where bacteria can thrive. When you have the drains cleaned out, there's less risk of a blockage that results in a backup that can contaminate your living areas with germ-laden water and waste that poses a heath hazard.

Helping the Plumbing System Last Longer

When water gets trapped in a blocked drain, it puts pressure on the pipes, which can start to leak. Using chemical products to dissolve clogs can erode the drains lines and cause them to burst. You can avoid the stress and expense of these types of plumbing system problems hiring a professional who has the tools and skills to tackle drain cleaning without causing further harm.

Eliminating Unnecessary Headaches and Stress

Dealing with sluggish drains, overflowing toilets and kitchen sink clogs can make your summer more stressful and less enjoyable. Once the drains are cleaned professionally, you can relax and enjoy the nice weather without worrying when a plumbing disaster might occur.

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