The History of Furnaces


The idea of heating up a building with a heating device is not new. In earlier centuries, the Romans would burn coal underneath brick buildings. This worked as powerful insulation for heat in the winter months.

Later, there was a safer option invented called the chimney. The chimney did just as good of a job; however, it was safer due to the smaller area of flames. Finally, into the modern era, a better method was discovered. Instead of using wood or coal as the fuel for the heat, gas was used.

The Modern Furnace

The modern metal furnace was a ground-breaking invention. This represented the end of refilling a furnace multiple times a day with coal. This was also the end of messy cleanups of ashes. Of course, the metal furnaces that we use today are a lot more technical. On one fixture, there are multiple components, including a thermostat, a gas valve, a heat exchanger, and blowers.

The Importance of an Updated Furnace

Older models of modern metal furnaces are a big step up from the coal-burning fireplaces of the old times. They are not as efficient as the furnaces constructed today, however.

The biggest difference is that the older versions only have one exchanger. You want to have a furnace with a secondary exchanger because it makes the furnace more efficient.

In fact, the older models with one exchanger can waste over 20 percent of the heat. The recent models have an efficiency of about 90 percent. This saves you money and keeps your building warmer.

The Hazards of an Outdated Furnace

Aside from unnecessary expenses, older furnaces can present dangerous risks. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a notorious silent killer in homes worldwide. The new furnaces have sensors built in to help avoid this, but many older furnaces do not. Also, the old furnaces are more prone to have gas leaks, which cause fires.

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