Heating & Cooling Factoids

If just one household in ten bought ENERGY STAR heating and cooling equipment, the change would keep over 17 billion pounds of pollution out of our air. 

The average home spends $1,900 on utility bills every year — with more than half going to heating and cooling. Those heating and cooling bills could be cut by as much as 20 percent by replacing old equipment with the ENERGY STAR labeled equivalent. 

Heating and cooling costs are a large part of home energy bills, and ENERGY STAR can provide solutions to reduce them. ENERGY STAR labeled heating and cooling equipment such as air-conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces are from 10-30 percent more efficient than conventional models. Look for the label when replacing equipment. 

ENERGY STAR recommends steps for enhancing energy savings. This includes "right-sizing" and proper installation of heating and cooling equipment, as well as sealing the ducts that distribute the heated or cooled air throughout the house. Since a drafty and poorly insulated home can still rob you of well-earned savings, ENERGY STAR also recommends air sealing and insulation levels for your home. Following these recommendations will result in increased comfort and savings for you and your family. 

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