Jon B.

I would like to recognize the service tech for doing an excellent job ! he was there when he said he would be, answers any and all my questions. He performed the service quickly and professionally so I could get back to work as soon as possible. I can’t imagine not using your company again when i need them!

Chuck D.

We had AA out on Wednesday for our check up on our AC unit. AA always sends out the best folks, nicest, most professional group of people who act and dress the part as well! Luck was a great kid and the service level you provide is always appreciated!

Betty D.

I can go on and on about Chad and Logan.. always working hard, never sluffing off, always answering any question, always polite and exemplifying character, kindness, and values while in my home.. my husband passed last January and I’m having to do this all on my own, so I was apprehensive, but chad and logan made it such a pleasure..  i’m friends of your family and even held Mike when he was just born… I’m so thankful for your work and honesty and the people you provide.

Julie M.

I’m so impressed with Dalton and your team. He helped me during a recent water line break and brought some other issues to our attention as well that no doubt saved us bigtime! He was so very professional, knowledgeable and most of all i’m so impressed by his concern for our home and looking out for our future!

Roy F.

Dalton worked so hard so long in a very hot attic to make sure we were completely fixed and trouble free. he was by himself and probably needed a helper, but he understood and didn’t let that beat him! He was amazing and we are grateful!

Ken K.

The quality of our experience with our AC system installation was second to none! The people, the craftsmanship, everything! Top notch!

Joe R.

The quality and professionalism of your installation of my new AC system and Tankless Water heater is truly impressive. They did extra in every facet of the job, even tidying up a few issues on my other system because “they can”.. Outstanding team of professionals!

James M.

Mitchell was outstanding. Very professional and from now on, i want to request him for all my service work. You have some great people, but Mitchell was overly impressive!

Tina B.

Just wanted you to know that your company and Chris in particular make a huge difference in our lives and certainly in our business! Always giving us a fighting chance with critical components in such a timely and efficient manner. Thank you for all you do for us!

Webber J.

I had a recent service call with Stephen S. I want to say how much we enjoyed his visit! He was professional and such a great representative of your company! Great job!

Casandra C.

Tony did a fantastic job when he came out. He took his time and explained what needed to be done and why. He made me feel happy with my decision to call you!

John N.

I’m very particular and meticulous with what i do. Bill was the same way. Extremely detailed in everything he did. I can’t say enough of this true professional!

Dave D.

Will came by today and fixed our problem with the hot water heater. I wanted to let you know that your choice in hiring Will was Excellent! He was helpful, friendly, explained everything so even I could understand, and did a great job. Will is an excellent representative for Air Assurance, I trust both of you. Thanks. Dave

Christin P.

Bill and his helper were magnificent!  I didn’t expect such nice, knowledgeable, outstanding people!  I am overly impressed and wanted to share my satisfaction!

Bobby B.

I called this Monday morning after spending the weekend without AC.  By 9:30am a service professional arrived and got me back online.  He is a pure asset to your group.  I appreciated him allowing me to watch and ask questions throughout!  Thank you so much!

Gail T.

I do not understand anything about how my unit operates or anything. During my latest service call Mitchell took plenty of time to explain to me everything and all the additional safeties in place to protect me and my family  with the newer units and reassured me that I was in good hands.  I can’t say enough about the level of professionalism this young man exhibits.  Thank you!

Mary W.

I just watched one of your technicians take the trash cans down for my neighbor who is elderly.  I thought that was such a random act of kindness I thought you should know about.  Obviously you have great people!

Brian S.

I just had Rico and Luke out to my house to service my AC units.  They were so kind and professional! They were a credit to your company and I wish I could find great people like that for my company!  Great job!