Nancy P

Mr. Rampey, Last October I sent you an e-mail telling you how impressed I was with the work done by Bill B. on my furnace. I was so impressed that I signed up for the Extended Service Program. Two days ago, I had my air conditioner check-up. I am happy to say that I was equally impressed with the thoroughness and knowledge of technician, Jerry C. I had tried several different companies before coming to AA. I always thought they did a satisfactory job,until the AA techs did the same job. There is definitely a difference between your company and "all the others". I am so happy that I found you. Unfortunately for us, we are soon going to need a new system. (something we have known for a while). Now, however, I have confidence that the job will be done to perfection! Thank you for leading your company and insisting on such high quality standards.

Nancy P.