Anthony R.

Good afternoon, I wanted to send a quick thank you to your business. I had interactions with two HVAC companies over the last 2 weeks and the difference between Air Assurance and Air** was night and day. Your company was superior in every way. 5 stars for professionalism/timeliness/knowledge/customer service


Two weeks ago my wife called me and said that our upstairs air conditioner wasn’t working. My wife called “AirCO” at noon and the tech from AirCo didn’t arrive until 7 that evening. After about an hour the tech said I was low on refrigerant but I shouldn’t do a leak search because of afterhours pricing. He added 2 pounds of refrigerant and my unit was back up and running. Over the next few days we noticed the AC unit was only working intermittently. I called AirCo and they scheduled an afternoon appointment for Wednesday morning. They called me around 11 that Wednesday to tell me that the appointment would have to be moved to the afternoon. I had to reschedule to Thursday morning as I had already missed a half day of work. On Thursday morning The same tech as before came out after about an hour he said that the system had already leaked the 2lb of refrigerant he had put in a week ago and that there was likely a leak. He suggested I do a “detailed” leak search for the cost of $975. I pressed him for additional details as to what kind of costs I would be expecting after the leak search and the tech wasn’t able to provide any concrete details.  I told him I would discuss with my wife and call airco when we were ready to schedule this.


It is at this point I asked friends on Facebook and at work for suggestions of HVAC companies they trust. My coworker Kenon H immediately suggested your company as well as a friend from facebook.


I called and spoke with one of your agents. I can’t remember his name maybe Richard or David. I explained what happened with AirCo and asked for a second opinion. The phone agent was very knowledgeable and helpful. He scheduled an appointment for Friday afternoon and your tech Steve Erwin arrived shortly after 12 on Friday. I showed Steve where everything was and explained the intermittent issues that were occurring. The AC unit was working when he came out but Steve took the time to review the system. Once he was done looking at the system he told me that intermittent issue are tough to diagnose and that I need to have your company come out when the system isn’t working. Steve was very clear that he doesn’t make a guess when making repairs but he was sure that the system didn’t have a leak. He left me feeling sure that when my system did stop working your company would find the solution.


This brings us to Sunday afternoon. My wife called on Sunday afternoon to tell me the system was down again. I was driving back from OKC but I immediately called your company and they had a tech dispatched to my home within 30 minutes. Marquis Fuentes arrived and my wife had him call me. I briefly explained the issue and the history and he went to work. When I arrived home Marquis was finishing up and had successfully diagnosed and fixed the issue. I have attached his invoice with the explanation and fix of the issue. I was amazed to learn that this wasn’t an issue with a leak but with a fan speed setting.


Every person that I interacted with your company provided excellent and warm customer service. The phone agent was knowledgeable and reassuring. Steve was thorough and provided recommendations that ended up correcting the issue. Marquis was nice, explained the issue in a understandable way, and fixed my issue in a timely manner. All appointments occurred as scheduled and on time. Where Air** failed to provide Air Assurance shined.


Air Assurance has earned a customer for as long as I live in Oklahoma!!!  

Anthony R.