Paula H.

I want your company to know what a stellar work you do for your company and clients if all of your clients have been treated as I was.  You are up front with possibilities of solving heating problems and amazingly good to explain issues and possible outcomes.  You seem to be able to check all avenues while working at your computer top speed!  The job you had done appears to be just what I needed at a reasonable price.  You had two workers, David and JJ, that were excellent in their work as well.  Each seemed to understand the job at hand and worked diligently to complete the task.  They too were thoughtful and kind and most pleasant.  I would recommend each of the fore mentioned for consideration of bonuses or increase their pay! 

A worker, Steve came earlier and was quite well informed of my situation as well. While I asked his opinion of the best plan, he suggested I speak with you (which I did).  He too was a great representative of your company. 

Be proud of your company, I am!

Mary H.