Cindy G.

I wanted to let you know how happy we are with the work that you and Air Assurance have done in our home.  I can honestly say the improvements in air quality have been life changing.  

When our upstairs AC stopped working last summer we were hesitant to make the investment of time and money to replace the entire system and update the duct work.  But you and your team made the process so easy.  From paper work to the professionalism and respect of those working in our home, I couldn’t have been happier.  

Throughout the summer we noticed a dramatic improvement in my husband’s severe allergies.  Then over the Christmas holidays as we were running primarily the down stairs system for heat his allergies got worse.  Knowing how smooth the process would be, we made the decision to replace the downstairs system and duct work.  The work was completed last week and my husband  immediately began feeling much better.  

Over this past weekend the weather warmed up and we used the upstairs AC.  We encountered the dreaded “dirty sock” syndrome.  I called your office Monday morning and we had a technician here within an hour.  He spent 3 hours solving the problem.  As part of the solution we made the decision to install an air scrubber.   That work took our air quality to the next level.  My husband continues to see major improvements in his allergy symptoms and actually notices the difference as he walks into the house after being at work all day.   

We are looking forward to having the second air scrubber installed next week.   Again thank you so much for your knowledge and the professionalism of everyone at Air Assurance.  You have truly made a difference in the health and quality of life in hour home.  
Cindy G