Joe D.


When you called me to discuss Air Assurance’s reputation and quality of workmanship, you set some pretty high expectations.

I am very pleased to say that your crew of Marten, helped by Zach and Kristian, EXCEEDED those expectations.

The workmanship and attention to detail are superb.  I was amazed by how much effort was put into inspecting and sealing each floor outlet as well as the duct work.

Marten was faced with a down flow opening that was not square to the walls (which themselves were not square) but his pride of workmanship resulted in slight modifications that made the furnace square to the back wall.

We had expected to add both a return and a supply duct, but the air balance was corrected by only the addition of a hardly-noticeable return in the utility room.

Our master bathroom was always colder (during heating) than the hall thermostat by about 6 degrees.  It is difficult to judge because we are not in a full heating mode, but the problem has diminished to about 2 degrees, so my wife is pleased.

I must also praise Marten for his keen eye in seeing and then correcting a small gas piping issue with my new tankless hot water heater (installed by Buddy Rose).

I also commend Stephen and David for their attention to detail and concern for my satisfaction. 

I have obviously given you a favorable review.

Thanks again for a delightful contractor experience (which are not all that common today) and I will certainly recommend Air Assurance to my friends.

Joe D.