Robert P.

Just wanted to send you this message and say how thankful I am for you personally and Air Assurance for the great work the guys did recently in installing our new downstairs furnace and AC.  Mike Guillen really did an awesome job working with me on the PSO rebates on the energy program and working with me on the price. I also appreciated you earlier this year offering to have the guys install a temporary board to get us through.

The guys who also came out to work did a great job (especially the older gentleman who is my age, 40's), everything went smooth and they were very professional.

 So again, Mike just wanted to say thank.  I know you have been very generous and giving to lots of people over the years in helping them afford AC services including your family.

 Maggie and I both want you to know we appreciate your kindness and love to our family.

 God's blessings on you and your family,