Water Alarm - Leak Detector

Do you hate costly and messy water leaks?!? So do we! That is why we developed the original water alarm. It can save you the countless hours of trying to restore damage to your home from a costly water leak. They are easy to install, just stick it on the ground after inserting batteries and you are good to go. It is also very effective: it has an extremely loud alarm and very sensitive water sensors that can detect the slightest amount of water. See what others are saying about it: 

"... One of your alarms detected a toilet tank leak that could have been very costly ... we don't have any more flooding!..."

- Kelvin & Loretta Hall 

"... Mine went off for a minor toilet tank leak and the other was for an air handler which could have created a major problem ..."

- Jene Cordell-Fryman 

It’s easier to protect your home from water damage than to pay for water damage repair, and the original Water Alarm is an easy, affordable solution. Though it may look a little strange, the design of the original Water Alarm allows it to be the most moisture-sensitive, compact and indestructible alarm on the market. Its unique bell tower amplifies the alarm so it can sound longer and louder than any other alarm. The four stainless steel legs can detect moisture at the first sign of leakage--well before damage can occur. They sink deep into carpet, fabric or other materials that would take up to an inch of water above the carpet to set off other alarms. Don't risk the preservation of your home to inferior alarms, trust the original Water Alarm. 

  • Do you hate messy & costly water leaks? This is a simple solution!
  • Effective - it has a loud alarm and can detect the slightest amount of moisture
  • Easy to Use - set anywhere problem moisture could occur
  • Very Affordable - get enough units to protect your entire home for less than your insurance deductible
  • Long Battery Life - new batteries required once a year

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