What To Do Before Turning on Your Heater

Turning on your heater is an annual event marking the start of a new season. With the hot summer behind, you’re looking forward to staying comfortable in cold weather to come. Making sure a few start-up essentials are done first can help ensure a smooth transition into the heating season. Here are some suggestions for turning on your heater in an organized procedure to make sure all parts of the system are working together.

How to Properly Winterize Your HVAC

ard debris like piles of dead leaves around the outdoor unit make it more attractive to rodents and other nesting pests. To discourage them from setting up housekeeping, trim back and clear away dead vegetation, then open the cabinet and vacuum/sweep out any accumulated debris from inside.

The History of Furnaces

The idea of heating up a building with a heating device is not new. In earlier centuries, the Romans would burn coal underneath brick buildings. This worked as powerful insulation for heat in the winter months.

Later, there was a safer option invented called the chimney. The chimney did just as good of a job; however, it was safer due to the smaller area of flames. Finally, into the modern era, a better method was discovered. Instead of using wood or coal as the fuel for the heat, gas was used.