Low Level Carbon Monoxide Detector

Since I began my career in the heating and air conditioning business, I have always had a strong commitment to my customers. I truly value every one of you, and that is why I am so pleased to offer you the best Carbon Monoxide detector on the market.

During some recent research on Carbon Monoxide and its effects, I discovered that most detectors available today are not designed to truly keep you safe. The detectors must register a minimum of 70ppm of Carbon Monoxide for more than two hours before they sound an alarm. Tests show that you begin feeling sick and experiencing flu-like symptoms after being exposed to levels as low as 35ppm. It is also important to understand that when a detector says it is U.L. approved that does not mean it is any better, that just means it is electrically safe.

The new detector I am so excited about will sound an alarm once it senses 15ppm of Carbon Monoxide, and it sounds this alarm as soon as it detects the 15ppm, not after two hours. This alerts you, and your family, to the problem long before you feel ill.

These new detectors are so effective because they use the same sensors our Technicians use to check the safety of your furnace. They also have a digital readout that tells you the Carbon Monoxide level in your home at any time.

These high quality detectors are not available in any store. They do cost more than what you will find in the store, but I believe the health and safety of your family is worth it. That is why I have this same detector in my home.

I appreciate having you as my customer, and I strongly recommend adding one of these Carbon Monoxide detectors to your home. Isn’t your family worth it?

Mike Rampey
Owner, Air Assurance Company

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