Duct Sealing: Proven Energy Savings

Are you considering replacement of your heating or air conditioning system?  Do you want better performance from your HVAC system?  You should consider duct sealing to boost your system’s efficiency. In areas like Oklahoma where temperatures can range from very hot to very cold, getting the most out of your heating and air conditioning system is critical.  In fact, duct leakage can account for over 50% of your cooling/heating bill if problems are evident.Duct sealing is performed by your air conditioning professional and includes sealing all ductwork with gaskets, welds, tapes and mastic (adhesive) fabrics.  By sealing your ducts, heated or cooled air can travel into your home without escaping through the ductwork.  Note that duct tape is not really a sealant – a professional will use the appropriate materials to insure the ductwork is sealed properly.While this task can be performed on existing systems, it is a best practice to have duct sealing done as part of a new system installation.  In some situations, going back to seal existing ducts is cost-prohibitive because access is more difficult.  Therefore, getting the ducts sealed at installation is the best choice.A professional HVAC company like Air Assurance can make sure the job is done right the first time.  Proper steps are taken to make sure attics and crawl space ducts are sealed with materials to prevent heat loss during the winter season as well as cool air loss during the summer months.If you are not sure if your ducts are sealed properly, or if you are replacing your existing heating and air conditioning system, be sure to ask about having your ductwork checked.  The investment in duct sealing can make sure your system does not waste energy and clean air is circulated with minimal dust particles or allergens leaking into the ducts.  Also note that if there are serious leaks in the ducts, a home could fail to qualify for the Energy Star Homes program.  Have your system checked by Air Assurance today.Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For more information, click here. Air Assurance services Tulsa, Broken Arrow and the surrounding areas. To get started, check out our website or see our current promotions.