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Get A Handle On Furnace Efficiency -- Change Your Filters

Get A Handle On Furnace Efficiency -- Change Your Filters Tulsa, Broken Arrow

Get A Handle On Furnace Efficiency -- Change Your Filters Tulsa, Broken Arrow

Replacing your furnace filter is a practical way to efficiently get the most from your furnace. Buildup occurs when your filters accumulate dirt and other particles, resulting in clogs that don't allow for proper airflow. To compensate, your furnace must waste more energy, costing you more money. By replacing your filters on a regular basis, you can improve your home's comfort, reduce fuel use and even reduce wear and tear on the furnace blowers.Some things that you will need to do in order to guarantee your furnace runs at optimum efficiency are:

  • Check your furnace filter - You should change your filter at least once every six months, with the actual frequency of changes depending on the dust and dirt conditions of your household.

  • Replace your furnace filter - This easy enough that you can do it, but if you are not comfortable doing it, a furnace technician can do it for you. Before you replace the filter, be sure to turn off the power to prevent the possibility of electric shock. Be sure to sweep and vacuum out all of the accumulated dust. Change out the filter, and you are done!

  • Check the MERV filter rating - The higher the rating, the more efficient the filter. Always check the owners manual, or ask a technician, before adjusting the MERV filter. If you adjust it too much in one direction, you could reduce airflow to the furnace, damaging equipment that is not capable of handling abrupt changes to the system.

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