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Six Energy Saving Steps You Can Take To Prepare Your Home For Winter

With winter coming soon, you want to minimize your heating requirements so that you can boost energy savings. Here are six steps you can take to ensure you stay warm while not overpaying. Remember to Change Your Air FiltersThis is an incredibly simple step and yet so many homeowners neglect it.  By forgetting to replace your air filters regularly, you allow debris to build up and form a dense screen that is hard for air to pass through. This requires more energy use from your air system, spiking energy costs. It also makes your filters less efficient and lowers the quality of your indoor air.Close Vents in Rooms Frequently UnoccupiedAvoid distributing conditioned air into rooms that don't need it. If there are rooms that are often empty, like guest rooms, close the vents to send that air to parts of your home that need it more. This will reduce the overall workload for your air system, helping extend its longevity.Unclog Your Condensate DrainPoking a stiff wire through will break up blockage and help your air get dehumidified better. This is particularly helpful if you have been experiencing sticky or moist air in your home.Seal Your Air DuctsThis is a huge problem in many homes and can be responsible for you losing up to 20 percent of  your air before it ever makes it to your supply ducts. Use duct mastic to close off any gaps or holes that you can find in the exposed ducts that you can access.Install A Programmable ThermostatThese save you from having to run your air system all day long, and are very useful for generating energy savings. They give you control over your air system even when you are away from home.Schedule Preventive MaintenanceThis is the most important thing you can do this fall to keep your energy costs low. An HVAC expert will inspect your equipment to make sure it's operating optimally and efficiently.For more tips that will help you create energy savings this winter, contact Air Assurancetoday. We have served the Tulsa and Broken Arrow regions for over 30 years.Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). Air Assurance services Tulsa, Broken Arrow and the surrounding areas. Visit our website to see our current promotions and get started today!