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Effectively Eliminate Dust From Your Home With These Five Tips

Effectively Eliminate Dust From Your Home With These Five Tips

Effectively Eliminate Dust From Your Home With These Five Tips

Dust is a problem in every home. In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, dust is tinged red, which can present an aesthetic problem as well as minor health risks associated with the presence of dust. Too much dust in the home leads to dust mites. The average home has at least 10,000 dust mites per bed. Dust mites can cause serious respiratory issues, especially for those with existing breathing problems. Lower the amount of dust mites in your home by eliminating dust at the source.There are five simple steps you can take to reduce the amount of dust in your home:

  • Capture dust rather than spreading it around the home. Use a damp rag when dusting to gather the dust on the rag rather than sweeping it back into the air.

  • Use the right vacuum for the job. Use an upright vacuum for carpets and a canister vacuum for hard floors. Vacuums are more effective at removing dust than brooms, and vacuuming should be done at least once a week. While vacuuming, turn on the fan setting on your air conditioning system. This will gather some of the airborne dust into the ductwork filtration system.

  • Upgrade the filtration system in your forced-air heating and cooling system. For allergy sufferers, an advanced pleated filter or air cleaning system will provide the maximum benefit. For households with fewer allergy sensitivities, a regular HEPA or disposable accordion-style filtration system will help control dust.

  • Dust remains in the air in low humidity levels. One way to control dust is to employ the use of humidifiers to keep humidity levels between 50 and 60 percent. You can install a whole-house humidity system or use individual units in bedrooms and the main living areas.

  • The use of air purification systems, such as electronic air cleaners, can help eliminate dust in your home. For maximum benefit, place one air purifier in each room of the house, or better yet, have a professional whole-home model installed.

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