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Why Your Spring Cleaning List Should Include Your Fireplace

Why Your Spring Cleaning List Should Include Your Fireplace

An annual spring cleaning ideally involves a complete sweep of the entire house from top to bottom, inside and out. However, in reality, there are certain things that usually get overlooked on the chore list. Yet these things which are often out of view can be among the most mandatory to maintain and should not be neglected.This rule especially applies to your fireplace, as it's a prime hiding spot for dirt to accumulate in the form of soot, tucked away where nobody can see it, covering the walls of the chimney chute. Because the buildup of these deposits can be a potential fire and health hazard, a yearly inspection and fireplace cleaning is not only crucial for optimal functionality, but more importantly for the well-being of your house and your family. Regardless of how frequently you enjoy your fireplace, it's recommended to have this repeated on a regular basis.For an extensive fireplace cleaning such as a sweep, it's best to call in an expert. Although, for a temporary tidying up, all you'll need is some old clothing that you don't mind ruining and a few relatively inexpensive items from the hardware store, including rubber gloves, goggles, a brush and something to remove the stains like a specialty cleaner or soot eraser. In addition, a bucket, some newspaper and a trash bag will come in handy.Perform your fireplace cleaning by following these steps:

  • Begin by carefully removing the grate and scooping the ground ashes into the bag.

  • Lay down newspaper on the inside and a few inches up the walls to better catch the falling debris.

  • Fill the bucket with warm water plus cleaner and set it inside the fireplace.

  • Proceed to put on your gloves and goggles.

  • Scrub the inside walls with the brush, going as high up as you can.

  • Finally, clean out the newspaper and your fireplace is ready.

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