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How's Your Home's Indoor Air Quality? Three Factors To Focus On For Improvement


Do you need a proven, easy strategy for improving indoor air quality in your greater Broken Arrow home? The experts have weighed in, and the following three steps are proven to boost air quality in the average home. You can rely on these tips, provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Source control

Removing the sources of contaminants in your home is perhaps the easiest, most effective way to promote healthful indoor air quality. And it won’t cost you anything. Start by going through your home, room by room, and eliminate sources of contaminants like home furnishings with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), harsh cleaning chemicals, and more. Schedule a professional service appointment to have all of the combustible equipment in your home evaluated for greenhouse gas emissions. In most cases, this equipment can be adjusted to lower emissions, and ensure that carbon monoxide and other gases are safely vented outside.


In new homes, and those that have been retrofitted to improve energy efficiency, an airtight seal around the home’s envelope is ideal, as it promotes energy savings, but it actually works counter to healthful indoor air quality. That’s because a tight home keeps heated and cooled air inside, but it also prevents contaminants from finding a way out of the home. To promote optimal air circulation, and to provide a means to usher contaminants out and deliver fresh air into the home, employ a mechanical ventilation system. Running exhaust fans helps, but it's not a comprehensive solution. Homeowners may need to install a whole-house ventilation system to promote a healthful indoor environment.

Air cleaning

In many cases, particularly in homes where allergy or asthma sufferers reside, employing an air-cleaning device encourages better air quality. Before purchasing a system, know what allergens are troublesome for home occupants, and test indoor air for the presence of specific contaminants. Then, select an air cleaner that directly targets problematic pollutants.  There are even air cleaning devices that can control viruses and bacteria!

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