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Yes, High-Efficiency A/C Saves You Money, But There Are Other Benefits Too

Yes, High-Efficiency A/C Saves You Money, But There Are Other Benefits Too

Yes, High-Efficiency A/C Saves You Money, But There Are Other Benefits Too

High-efficiency A/C upgrades are becoming more popular every day in the Tulsa area, with more and more homeowners taking advantage of not only the energy savings these new systems provide but also the other benefits they bring. According to government data, today's high-efficiency A/C systems, with SEER ratings that eclipse those of just a decade ago, could save you as much as 40 percent in operational costs compared to what you're now using to cool your northeastern Oklahoma home.

SEER, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is a measurement of cooling capacity. It represents the amount of heat that's removed by a specific A/C system while consuming one watt of electrical energy. Higher numbers equate to higher efficiency, with many experts considering a high-efficiency A/C as having a SEER rating of at least 16.

The enhancements available on today's A/C systems are a big part of what contributes to their increased efficiency, while simultaneously adding benefits that promote a higher level of indoor air comfort for you and your family. They include:

  • Variable-speed air handler – this allows your system to run at a lower speed when cooling demand is lower, causing an even, steady cooling effect with fewer temperature fluctuations.

  • Thermal expansion valve – regulates refrigerant flow to the indoor coils, responding to changing cooling requirements. This valve promotes an even cooling environment, regardless of changing demands, and also protects your equipment from damage if the refrigerant level falls below the recommended level.

  • Higher-quality manufacturing of today's equipment translates to longer life expectancy, fewer breakdowns and less need for repairs.

  • Fan-only mode - lets you provide nighttime ventilation without air cooling, increasing comfort while lowering energy consumption.

  • Two-stage compressor - allows the system to run at reduced power when cooling demand is reduced, providing for quieter operation.

  • Automatic fan-delay – keeps the fan running for several minutes after compressor shutdown, allowing for continued cooling at reduced cost.

  • Remember, this is just part of the "system" and ductwork that is designed, sealed, and sized correctly makes these benefits work the way they were designed!

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