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How to Keep Mold and Dampness at Bay This Winter

How to Keep Mold and Dampness at Bay This Winter

As a homeowner, you've probably encountered some mold and dampness in your living space. Mold can be a concern year-round, but the fact that your home is closed up all winter long is a reason to increase vigilance when you detect damp conditions.

What Is Mold?

Mold is a natural substance, a kind of fungus that grows indoors and out, but flourishes in warm, humid environments. It reproduces by means of spores.Some common types that occur indoors include Penicillium, Alternaria, Cladosporium and Aspergillus. Mold can be white, black, green or yellow and can look like a stain or discolored area. Although most molds don't develop into problems, excessively damp conditions can cause them to get out of hand.

Where Mold May Be Found

Look for mold infestation in leaky roofs, flooded areas, backed-up sewers, damp crawlspaces and basements, around leaky pipes in cabinets, in showers and wherever there's pooling water. If you use a humidifier or even steam cook food too much, you may increase mold growth in your home.

Harmful Effects

Some of the problems mold can cause are asthma attacks, irritated noses, throats or eyes, wheezing, coughs and worsening allergies, Seniors and young children, as well as those with respiratory ailments and compromised immune systems are particularly at risk. Mold can also cause infestations in a sensitive person's lungs.

How to Control Mold

Inside a home, get rid of whatever mold is growing on -- carpet, bedding, upholstery or materials, such as wood, fabric and paper. If mold is just on a non-porous surface, clean it with mold cleaner or detergent, as well as hot water and a brush.

Also, fix any leaks and ventilate the shower and kitchen areas. If you discover mold infestations in a sewer or if it's contaminating water, a professional should be called on.

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