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How is Dust Buildup Dangerous for Your Health?

How is Dust Buildup Dangerous for Your Health?

Every home has a little dust floating around, but when dust starts to build up it can negatively affect your health. Most people feel the effects of dust to some extent and may experience symptoms like sneezing, coughing and fatigue. This is because dust contains a variety of pollutants, including soil, sawdust, carpet fibers, pollen, skin cells, pet fur, chemical emissions, mold particles and bacteria.

The dangers of dust buildup include:

  • Attracting dust mites. Dust mites have been associated with the occurrence of nasal polyps, which are tiny, uncomfortable, swollen lumps in the nasal cavity that can affect your immune system over time.

  • Prolonging and circulating illness. If someone in your house is sick, bacteria can linger in the air and be recirculated through your home, passing the illness on to others.

  • Uncomfortable symptoms that may turn serious. Headaches and other effects of dust are uncomfortable to the average person. Dust buildup is more dangerous for vulnerable people, including the elderly and individuals with lung ailments, such as asthma, emphysema or weakened immune systems. Eczema symptoms, for example, are aggravated by dust and may progress into chronic dermatitis (skin inflammation). Children are more affected by dust partly because they play on the floor and touch dusty items more often.

Fortunately, you can minimize dust buildup in your house by:

  • Eliminating or reducing the amount of fabric furniture, drapes and carpets in your home. These items attract dust and shed particles, creating more dust.

  • Keeping your home clutter-free.

  • Eating in the kitchen or dining room and keeping food debris contained.

  • Cleaning and dusting surfaces and vacuuming floors, carpets and cushioned furniture regularly.

  • Replacing HVAC air filters monthly.

  • Using an indoor air purifier or installing a whole house air purification and humidity control system.

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