Is Your Home's Plumbing Ready for an Upgrade?

Is Your Home's Plumbing Ready for an Upgrade?

Generally, a home's plumbing system doesn't get much attention until age-related issues start to crop up. To prevent the headaches, stress and high cost of extensive and unexpected water damage, it's important to know the warning signs that can tell you a home plumbing upgrade is due.

Key Indicators of Future Plumbing Problems

If you recognize any of these telltale signs that plumbing issues are headed your way in the near future, it's wise to investigate your upgrade options now:

  • Galvanized pipes: Your galvanized pipes can appear in excellent condition since the outside is treated to resist corrosion. If you've been having frequent water line blockages and experiencing reduced flow at the faucets, your pipes may be in a serious state of decay on the inside, which isn't treated.

  • Mixed pipe materials: If a previous owner had some of the original galvanized pipes in your home replaced with copper and the installation wasn't done properly, your plumbing system is a ticking time bomb. Galvanized steel and copper aren't compatible, and if dielectric unions weren't used to separate the two metals, the resulting chemical reaction speeds up the rate of corrosion.

  • Plumbing system age. The materials used in older residential plumbing systems have an average life span of about 60 years. If your home is around that age and you're not certain if the plumbing was updated in the recent past, it's wise to schedule an inspection and talk to a licensed plumber about an upgrade before problems develop.

  • Evidence of deterioration: To catch problems early, it's important to perform a periodic check of all accessible pipes in your home. Look for dried or fresh stains from water leaks around the pipes and dimpling, flaking or discoloration on the metal. Take a close look at the color of your water too. If it's yellowish-brown, it likely contains rust from corroding pipes. Other signs that point to decay are an increasing number of plumbing leaks and clogs that need repair.

To learn whether you're in need of a home plumbing upgrade, contact the Broken Arrow plumbing pros at Air Assurance today.

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