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How to Compare A/C Replacement Costs

How to Compare A/C Replacement Costs

Purchasing new home cooling equipment represents a major investment that goes beyond the initial price, since you'll be paying to maintain and operate your A/C for many years. To make a wise purchasing decision, you need to compare both first and lifetime A/C replacement costs.

First Cost

An air conditioner's first cost is the dollar amount on the price tag, minus any rebates or discounts. The sticker price correlates directly to the equipment's seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating. Higher SEER ratings come at a higher cost.

Lifetime Costs

When it comes to air conditioners, a low price tag doesn't necessarily indicate a better buy. To accurately estimate value, you need to consider the various other costs incurred over the equipment's life span, or the lifetime costs. Some of the factors that affect lifetime costs include quality, durability, maintenance, energy efficiency and installation.

Crucial Factors that Impact A/C Replacement Costs

Keeping your budget and equipment first costs in mind as you comparison shop, make sure you also consider the different lifetime cost variables:

  • Quality: Pricier A/Cs are generally built to stricter quality standards, and often include components you won't find on lower-quality models. For example, a more expensive A/C may offer a two-stage compressor that helps eliminate short-cycling so it lasts longer and costs less to operate.

  • Durability: Higher-quality equipment is typically more durable. While it's not something you'll notice when comparing different models, it can reduce the number of needed repairs over your A/C's service life.

  • Maintenance: Equipment that's built of higher-quality parts stands up better to wear and strain, so you'll also save on maintenance expenses.

  • Energy efficiency: The use of advanced technologies makes higher SEER A/Cs more efficient. The energy savings you'll see with features like a variable speed air handler or improved coil design can help you recoup the equipment's higher first cost over its lifetime.

  • Installation: Regardless of cost, having new equipment installed by an experienced HVAC pro is critical to your A/C's performance, efficiency and longevity.

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