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Lower Your Water Heating Bills With These Tips This Summer

Lower Your Water Heating Bills With These Tips This Summer

With summer temperatures reaching more than 90 degrees, Broken Arrow summers cost so much in air conditioning. That means any other area where we can save energy is worth investigating, and water heating is one of those areas. Take steps to lower water heating bills now and you'll save all year.

Cut Back Your Hot Water Use

Showers are one of the biggest sources of hot water use in most households, so having low-flow shower heads installed is an effective way to save. Look for WaterSense labeled models. They've been tested to use around 20 percent less water than standard shower heads and perform as well as or betters. For optimal performance, have your shower heads professionally installed.

Switching to WaterSense faucets in your kitchen and bath will also help you trim hot water use and lower water heating bills. These faucets use around 30 percent less water than standard faucets.

Use cold water rinses for your all your laundry needs. You'll save energy and protect your clothes from damage.

Boost Your Water Heater's Efficiency

If your water heater feels warm when you touch it, it's losing energy and should be insulated with a water heater insulation blanket. Also install pipe wrap insulation on the first 6 feet of both water pipes that connect to your water heater.

Every three months, flush the sediment from your water heater's tank to maintain the system's efficiency and protect it from damage. Water heaters last around 10 to 15 years, but they drop in efficiency after about seven years. If yours is this old, it may be time to upgrade to a new water heater. Today's water heaters are more efficient than those made just 10 years ago.

When you're ready to upgrade, consider a tankless on-demand system rather than a conventional storage tank system. If you use 41 gallons of water a day or less, a tankless system could save you up to 34 percent over a conventional system.

For more ideas on how to lower water heating bills, contact us at Air Assurance in the Broken Arrow area.

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