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How to Troubleshoot an A/C That Is Blowing Hot Air

How to Troubleshoot an A/C That Is Blowing Hot Air

How to Troubleshoot an A/C That Is Blowing Hot Air

There are many reasons why your A/C may be blowing hot air. This guide will outline five of the most common issues to help you understand what you can fix yourself and when to call a professional for assistance. But first, before you go through this checklist, make sure your thermostat wasn’t switched to heat mode. It could have been switched on accidentally, and it's best to check off the obvious issues first.

Issues With Your Outdoor Condensing Unit

Your outdoor condensing unit compresses and controls the refrigerant's flow through the cooling unit and must be running properly for the system to remove heat from the home. If the condenser is off, it could be as simple a fix as resetting the breaker or as complex as replacing the compressor.

Overheated or Faulty A/C Compressor

The A/C compressor is housed in the outdoor condensing unit. There are several potential problems that could occur within the compressor parts, so it must be examined closely by a professional.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter will cut off airflow to the A/C coil, waste energy and stress system components. Your filters should be changed following the manufacturer’s recommendations, usually every 30 to 60 days.

Low Refrigerant Levels

This is the most common issue when an A/C is blowing hot air. Refrigerant may be low because of an improper charge during installation, or you may have a small leak. In either case, you'll need an expert to recharge the system and make any necessary repairs.

Unit Not Properly Maintained

Most home comfort systems are taken for granted and ignored until they fail. Routine preventive maintenance can catch small problems before they become repair or replace issues and save you money long-term.

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