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Air Balancing: Everything you Need to Know

Air Balancing: Everything you Need to Know

While repairing or replacing your air conditioner and furnace can help lower your utility bills, these systems won't deliver the highest comfort and efficiency levels if airflow is poor or unbalanced. Air balancing can help you get the best performance from your HVAC system. Let's find out what it is and how it can improve your system and home.

What Is Air Balancing?

The air that passes through your HVAC equipment carries the heat or cold inside. The equipment's effectiveness depends on the volume of airflow.Air balancing involves carrying out tests and adjustments to your heating and cooling system to ensure the correct amount of air is delivered to the rooms in your home. An HVAC technician uses manometers to measure the current system pressures, hoods to get the airflow levels at each grille, and hygrometers to measure humidity and temperature.The technician compiles the test results into a report to establish your system's performance. He or she may then make changes to your vents and ducts to balance the return and supply channels.

Why Do You Need To Balance Airflow?

Improper balance in your air distribution system can make your HVAC system work harder to achieve the ideal temperatures. This may put unnecessary strain on the system and damage its parts. It may also cause premature failure of the system.Balancing the airflow in your system involves adjustment of the quantity of air flowing into each room. When this is done, your rooms will have similar temperature levels, improved humidity control, and cleaner air. You'll enjoy maximum comfort in each room, and your system's efficiency will be optimized.

Although balancing your system's airflow isn't a simple task, the energy savings and reduced system wear and tear you'll get will partially or entirely cover the costs. To learn more about air balancing, please contact Air Assurance. We've been proudly serving the Broken Arrow area for more than 30 years.

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