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4 Things to Know Before You Replace Your Furnace

4 Things to Know Before You Replace Your Furnace

When it comes to your home's central heating system, you don't want to be the guy or gal who's totally surprised when the furnace conks out on the coldest day of winter. It's better to be ready for that inevitable time when your heating system needs to be replaced, and then know the correct steps to take before installing a new system.

In general, you should start preparing to replace your furnace when it nears the end of its estimated service life. That's typically 15-20 years, though it can be shorter or longer depending on the amount of usage and maintenance the furnace gets. Certain red flags will tell you more specifically that it's time for replacement, including frequent repairs (more than one significant repair in a year) and lost heating effectiveness.

Once you've made the decision, consider these tips:

Work with an HVAC contractor whom you trust when it's time to replace your furnace. This is much too great an investment to make without feeling secure about your contractor.

Discuss with the contractor what capacity furnace is needed for your home. They should perform a heating load calculation that takes into account your home's size and layout, airtightness and insulation, window coverage, and many other factors. The heating load is the amount of heating required to make your home comfortable.

Likewise, discuss what level of energy efficiency is desirable in your particular home. In general, higher efficiency comes with a higher purchase price but lower operating costs once the furnace is installed. Climate is a key factor when considering furnace efficiency, since you'll reap more monthly energy savings in a climate with a colder, longer winter. Your contractor can tell you what efficiency level makes the most sense in our Broken Arrow climate.

Your contractor also should discuss what advanced features are available for your new furnace. This can include add-ons that increase furnace efficiency, and supplemental systems for whole-house air cleaning and humidity control.

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