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What Are High-End Air Conditioners?

What Are High-End Air Conditioners?

When you’re looking for a way to combat the summer heat without having high cooling costs, look for a high-end air conditioner. Its upgraded standard features increase its energy efficiency and your comfort.The U.S. Department of Energy requires all HVAC equipment to be evaluated for energy efficiency. They measure the efficiency of central air conditioners by testing them over a simulated cooling season and measure the amount of electricity they use.The minimum stands energy efficiency rating stands at 14 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) for air conditioners in Oklahoma. A high-end A/C will have a 15 SEER rating and higher. It may also carry the familiar Energy Star logo. High-end HVAC systems do cost more initially but make up for their high price in lower energy bills and reduced maintenance costs.The features to look for in high-end air conditioners and heat pumps to look for that that increase the SEER include:

Dual-speed compressor.

Such a compressor can adjust its running speed from low to high, depending on how much cooling your home needs. The compressor uses the most electricity of any other air conditioner part. When it runs on low, it uses less power, which saves you money.

Variable-speed air handler.

A variable-speed motor in the air handler will blow the air throughout your home at different speeds based on its need for cooling. They also ramp up and slow down slowly. The longer running time distributes all the cooled air from the ductwork that would otherwise be wasted.

Zoning systems.

A zoning system lets you control the temperatures individually in each room of your home. They use dampers in the ductwork and individual thermostats so that each area of your home will be a comfortable temperature, instead of having a single thermostat setting for the entire home. Zoning eliminates hot and cold spots throughout the house.Because summers are hot and fairly long in this region, a high-end air conditioner will pay for itself in lower energy costs and greater comfort. For more information, contact Air Assurance, providing HVAC services for Broken Arrow homeowners.

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