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Should You Replace Indoor and Outdoor Air Conditioning Units at the Same Time?

Should You Replace Indoor and Outdoor Air Conditioning Units at the Same Time?

If one of your HVAC units breaks down and can't be repaired, you'll probably think about replacing just that single component. When it comes to replacing air conditioning units, an experienced HVAC professional will advise you to install new indoor and outdoor units at the same time. Here are some of the reasons why it's the wisest choice:

Energy Efficiency

Central split systems have efficiency ratings that factor in their matched components. If you put in one new unit with a higher rating, it can only operate at the efficiency level of your older unit. This means your new component won't reach its full energy-saving potential.

Long-Term Reliability

If you add a brand new unit to an existing system, it's bound to put added strain on the older component. This makes it more likely that this unit will break down or fail during the hottest summer weather. When you have matching new components, you can rest easy that your cooling system will work reliably when you need it the most.

Cost Savings

Upfront savings are the main reason why Broken Arrow homeowners might consider replacing only one air conditioner unit. Upgrading the entire system instead offers more potential for long-term energy savings, and cost savings on necessary repairs. Plus, if you keep one older unit in place, it will likely need replacement in the near future, so you'll still have to pay for a second new unit.

System Enhancements

Installing two units with matching SEER ratings ensures better energy efficiency, but it also gives you the opportunity to integrate system enhancements for more comfort and convenience. Options worth considering include variable-speed technology, ductless HVAC, system zoning, whole-home air purification and smart thermostats.

Warranty Coverage

To meet equipment manufacturer's warranty requirements, split system components have to be installed to certain specifications. This is impossible to do when a new unit is added to your existing system. If you want warranty protection against factory defects, indoor and outdoor units must be installed at the same time.

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