Winter Attic Safety and Savings

Winter Attic Safety and Savings

Getting your attic sealed and insulated can boost your family's comfort and help you save energy both winter and summer. In our climate, temperatures in an unfinished attic can climb too high for safety many months of the year, so winter is the ideal time to have more insulating R-value added. Attic safety should still be a primary concern even when there's less risk of heat exhaustion and dehydration, so be sure to take these steps before you or a hired pro begin insulating:

Always Wear Protective Gear

Your attic can contain all sorts of injury hazards, so anyone going up there to work needs to wear proper protective gear. This means durable clothing that fully covers the arms and legs, and head protection such as a sturdy hat or helmet. Gloves and safety goggles to protect hands and eyes are needed too, and a respirator to prevent inhalation of insulation fibers.

Set Up Walking Paths

Creating walkways in your attic can make it safer and easier to access areas that need sealing and insulating. First, move any obstacles so you have clear paths to different areas, then lay down 1x4 boards to form a one-foot wide walkway. To keep the boards from slipping and wobbling, screw or nail the ends of each one to the attic floor joists.

Prevent Accidental Shocks

Do a detailed check of your attic to find any obvious or hidden electrical hazards that may cause shocks or electrocution. Check for loose wiring at floor level, gnawed or damaged wires, and open junction boxes. If you find any problems, have them fixed by an electrician before you insulate.

Light Up the Space

Good visibility is paramount for safely working in an attic. If yours only has one or two single-bulb lights, one option is to have your electrician install more. Alternately, you can put a couple of appropriately-rated extension cords and movable work-lights up there so there's plenty of illumination to safely air seal and insulate the entire attic.

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